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It has been a while since we posted, but we missed you guys!

We are back into blogging our events. This last week at Yahoo! we celebrated Holi – The Festival of Colors. It was the first time we attended something like this, but we saw a glimpse of this festival from the movie called Outsourced that we watched on Netflix . (fun movie to watch for the some slight India culture reference)

Granted, we were super excited to see all the color powder fly and participants literally covered with color splashes! Wow!

Next time, we want to get in on the fun, (although our camera would not be too happy to hear that.)

Have a glimpse at some of the action from the event.

You have been warned! (notice the little specs of purple on the left hand side)

A kid gets in on the action. YahooHoli10-45

Color play!YahooHoli10-15

Sequence shots.. looks like a innocent group pose right?YahooHoli10-19

Here comes the colors..YahooHoli10-20


Look at the guys teeth! Classic.YahooHoli10-22

The guy in the back is gonna get these guys. They are too clean! YahooHoli10-6

This picture pretty much quantifies what Holi embodies! Great vibes and great fun!YahooHoli10-35

If you like to see more pictures, please stop by our flickr album entitled Yahoo! Holi Festival of Colors 2010 .

Wilson and Lelan

P.S. We love shooting colorful objects and people. If you have a colorful idea, please drop us a note.

P.S.S. Wilson had an orange colored car before!

Our campus celebrated Diwali a few weeks back. We captured many memorable moments of skits, food, colors and everything imaginable with the beautiful festivities.

Diwali roughly translates to a row of lamps. According to wikipedia

The word दीपावली(Dipavali) literally translates as a row of lamps in Sanskrit[1]. It is traditional for adherents of Diwali-celebrating faiths to light small clay lamps (or Deep in Sanskritदीप) filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil within an individual. During Diwali, many wear new clothes and share sweets/snacks with each other. Some Indian business communities start their financial year by opening new account books on the first day of Diwali for good luck the following year.

Enjoy these pictures and you can find more on our flickr site.













P.S. We love love love colors! Especially those that are bright and eye catching.