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This post is a first in a series of posts dedicated to preparing you, the client, before one of our photosessions.

In this installment, we will be discussing about general questions clients have before a Maternity photoshoot.

Question: What clothing should I bring to my photoshoot?

  • As a general rule, wear what you love and are comfortable in!
  • Solid colors like white, brown, grey, black are great. Subtle colors like blue and pink may work, but avoid anything LOUD like bright yellow or pink. Strips, plaids, logos show time in a photo. We want the photo to reflect simplicity, and not some fad.
  • Neckline clothes with squarenecks, some v-necks and deep scoop necks work well. Leave the crewnecks for your husband.
  • Sleeves add character and enhance the curves. Sleeveless or spaghetti straps also work. Avoid t-shirt length sleeves unless you have beautiful upper arms.
  • Clothing fabric should allow a little breathing room, nothing too tight.
  • Shirts – big, white, button-down rumpled man’s shirt. A shirt or cardigan that opens down the front works well too.
  • Tank tops – Yes. Fitted, clingy or stretchy in solid colors (see above) work well. Please no yellow tanktops with designs or logos.
  • Pants – Simple jeans works. Black yoga, Platte stretchy pants works.

Question: How about my husband?

  • Bring some jeans or khaki pants. Dark pants work too.
  • Also bring some black and white crew-neck t-shirts.
  • Solid colors again are great. Black, navy blue, charcoal, grey.

Question: What else should I bring to my photoshoot?

  • Bring something meaningful: Stuffed animals, building blocks, toys, etc.

Question: Any beauty tips I should consider?

  • We suggest to get a manicure and pedicure a day or two before the shoot.
  • Makeup is great, but keep it simple and light.
  • Wear your wedding ring and anything else that you want significant in the photo.

That wraps it up for this weeks tips. Tune in next time for more tips from {WLQ} Photography. And don’t forget to “Like us” on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter


Wilson and Lelan

P.S. Don’t forget to tell your photographer to take their time. We allow ample time for our session to get the best possible shot. Nothing irks us more than having a set timelimit for a photoshoot.

Wedding Albums

April 19, 2010


Just wanted to give a shout out to our wedding book company for their outstanding flush mounted wedding album. We decided to switch over to this company for their incredible print quality, bind, and awesome customer service (super fast turnaround time!).

We are so confident about their craftsmanship that we wanted to share with you a few pictures from Amanda and Santos’ wedding album in the presentation below! Enjoy!

We love this company and enjoy giving our clients the quality album their photos deserve!

~Wilson & Lelan

P.S. Are you a sushi fan? Get ready for an awesome post next!

Looking back on 2009

December 15, 2009
Shot with an iPhone 3GS

Shot with an iPhone 3GS

We are nearly 15 days to the year 2010. Can you believe that? 😀

It has been an amazing first half of the year! With May 2010 as our official first year anniversary, we have a lot of excitement in the air with plenty of surprises to come. And you wonder what that is? Well it’s a suprise, so you’ll have to keep stalking following our blog for more info.

Why we shoot?
I’m always asked this question by my peers: If you have a great day job, why go into photography?
Well, we will list this one out:

  • passion
  • joy
  • love

Let me explain.

Passion – We have a strong desire to be there and capturing that unmistakable smile, laughing out loud laughs, and just being yourself.  Some photographers call this lifestyle photography. Some people call it photojournalism. We call it passion photography.

Joy – Passion ignites joy. Seeing the joy in our client’s eye when they see the final results is our main goal. You will be well taken care of and enjoy your special day and the results from the pictures for years to come.

Love – Those four little letters could mean so much. Without love, there cannot be passion or joy. We love love love (cannot stress this enough) taking photos and are not camera shy in doing so. Follow our Flickr, BestCam, Facebook . We are nuts about shooting. See the recent wedding shot for Grace & Kevin, and engagement shoots for Jennifer & Ryan, and Pauch & William.

We hope that gives the readers a little insight about us. We are pretty easy going photographers to work with and we hope to be able to talk with you over the phone or even in person regarding your special day. Heck, we will treat you for coffee just for coming out.

Oh! And that photo you saw above. We shot this with an iPhone 3Gs for the Flickr Yahoo Photo challenge and was selected as one of the finalist.

Thanks for reading!


PS. Psst. we will be giving away something really soon! Tell your friends!