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Memorial Day

May 25, 2009

To those that served and sacrificed their lives for a better America.

Taken at the Golden Gate National Cemetery


Last Sunday, Jon Bauer and Steven Rose decided to host the first Model Workshop since they are MM geniuses! There was a small group of 5 of us and with the lovely assistance of Jessica Farwell being the model, we all learned a bunch about shooting models and the in and outs photoshop.

A great workshop to say, a bunch of pictures taken by fellow photog, but below are a few of my favs.

Jessica working it “Wonder Woman” style

Posing right with lights on the left

Jeremy working with Jon (with the cap) and Steve (in red) and Jessica

Great industrial hallway with controllable light

Election Day!

November 4, 2008

Today is the day our country makes history.  We will be either electing the first African America president or the oldest first term president and first female vice presiden. No matter the outcome, you need to vote if you want your voice to be heard.

Even early morning voting nearby where I live was filled with voters. Here are some pictures of the voting place in someone’s garage at around 8:30 this morning.