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Hello Aryan

April 20, 2009

Meet Aryan. Reshmi and her husband commissioned this shoot of their loveable almost one year old little boy. Great weather, matched with meeting new faces makes for awesome pictures!

Aryan's loveable poses

Akash mini photoshoot

April 11, 2009

Akash requested a short photoshoot with me at work. We had some time to shoot during our lunch break on a great sunny Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the opportunity to shoot with me Akash. For now, enjoy the pictures.

With pictures like these, it makes me enjoy photography even more.
Akash mini photoshoot - 1

Leaning on the rails. Akash listened well when I told her to chilax.
Akash mini photoshoot - 2

Thinking, I have a great idea!
Akash mini photoshoot - 3

My favorite shot of the shoot. Loved how the colors and light turned out with the Akash’s pose.
Akash mini photoshoot - 4

Last Sunday, Jon Bauer and Steven Rose decided to host the first Model Workshop since they are MM geniuses! There was a small group of 5 of us and with the lovely assistance of Jessica Farwell being the model, we all learned a bunch about shooting models and the in and outs photoshop.

A great workshop to say, a bunch of pictures taken by fellow photog, but below are a few of my favs.

Jessica working it “Wonder Woman” style

Posing right with lights on the left

Jeremy working with Jon (with the cap) and Steve (in red) and Jessica

Great industrial hallway with controllable light