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We have been waiting to shoot with WallE and Nemo for the longest time since we met them. Their adorable and friendly personalities can put a smile on anyone. WallE (Shih Tzu) and Nemo (Maltesse mix Yorkie) enjoys the outdoor and we captured them at The Rose Garden in San Jose. The two are full of spunks and charms. WallE is so sweet and soft. He constantly smiles a lot and just wants to be petted and be loved. Nemo, on the other hand, is very playful and with his endless amount of energy, he loves to run around and play fetch.

The weather and sun light was amazing.  We had a lot of fun and had some great captures! This was our first pet session and it certainly will not be our last! Thanks so much for spending time with us Austin! 🙂 We hope you enjoy these pictures with your family and friends!

WallENemo-04 WallENemo-06 WallENemo-02 WallENemo-01 WallENemo-03 WallENemo-08

WallENemo-09 WallENemo-07


Some of you may remember Jack Tung from the Asian Rock Festival back in May that we shot.

His music: electricfying. His style: casual and trend. His personality: Super friendly.

When we first heard his music at the Asian Rock Festival, we thought there was a band of musicians playing music. Instead, we saw Jack working his magic like a beautifully dance number. With such ease, he played music through his guitars while simultaneously queueing music up.

It’s an exercise just thinking about it!

We decided to have have a photoshoot with him in San Francisco. See, Jack hails from NY where he grew up most of his life, but since moving to San Francisco inspired his latest tracks.

Walking through the streets of Chinatown brings back some good memories and we had really good light and weather that day to do some awesome takes around the town.

Visit his website at to listen to his latest released album: “Baba, Mama, Gege”. (Dad, Mom and Brother).

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Happy Birthday Deo

May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the legend. Deo!

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