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We want to thank everyone that made {WLQ} Photography on such a great start so far.
In appreciation, we are giving away a year subscription to Flickr Pro for one of our lucky Facebook fans or Twitter followers. You guys are awesome and we love to see more of your awesomeness shown by sharing pictures
Fan us and/or follow us to increase your chances of winning.
Drawing will be held 12.31.09 @ exactly 12:31:09. (yes, that’s right, to the second!)

Don’t know what Flickr is?

Here’s the lowdown –

Here’s what you get…

  • Unlimited uploads and storage
  • Unlimited sets and collections
  • Access to your original files
  • Stats on your account
  • Ad-free browsing and sharing
  • HD playback for high-definition video uploads NEW
Good luck!

Looking back on 2009

December 15, 2009
Shot with an iPhone 3GS

Shot with an iPhone 3GS

We are nearly 15 days to the year 2010. Can you believe that? 😀

It has been an amazing first half of the year! With May 2010 as our official first year anniversary, we have a lot of excitement in the air with plenty of surprises to come. And you wonder what that is? Well it’s a suprise, so you’ll have to keep stalking following our blog for more info.

Why we shoot?
I’m always asked this question by my peers: If you have a great day job, why go into photography?
Well, we will list this one out:

  • passion
  • joy
  • love

Let me explain.

Passion – We have a strong desire to be there and capturing that unmistakable smile, laughing out loud laughs, and just being yourself.  Some photographers call this lifestyle photography. Some people call it photojournalism. We call it passion photography.

Joy – Passion ignites joy. Seeing the joy in our client’s eye when they see the final results is our main goal. You will be well taken care of and enjoy your special day and the results from the pictures for years to come.

Love – Those four little letters could mean so much. Without love, there cannot be passion or joy. We love love love (cannot stress this enough) taking photos and are not camera shy in doing so. Follow our Flickr, BestCam, Facebook . We are nuts about shooting. See the recent wedding shot for Grace & Kevin, and engagement shoots for Jennifer & Ryan, and Pauch & William.

We hope that gives the readers a little insight about us. We are pretty easy going photographers to work with and we hope to be able to talk with you over the phone or even in person regarding your special day. Heck, we will treat you for coffee just for coming out.

Oh! And that photo you saw above. We shot this with an iPhone 3Gs for the Flickr Yahoo Photo challenge and was selected as one of the finalist.

Thanks for reading!


PS. Psst. we will be giving away something really soon! Tell your friends!