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Picture yourself in Golden Gate Park on a warm Spring Sunday with your significant other. The sun warms your face and you can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom as you stroll on the winding trails by the boating area of Stow Lake. The feeling of joy and happiness overwhelms you from keeping track of time and you unexpectedly find yourself at the De Young Museum catching up on your favorite art pieces. This was the perfect day for our clients’ engagement photo shoot in one of San Francisco’s well known park.

It’s a classic love story: Jessica and Mario are high school sweethearts and both were born and raised in San Jose. This was their first time at Golden Gate Park and they took our recommendation for choosing the location so we could capture their strong interest in landscape and the bold architecture of buildings. As we made our way from the De Young Museum to Stow Lake and back, we were greeted with various wild-life creatures, cascading waterfall, majestic pavilion, blooming flowers, and the clear blue sky. Making a few detours along the way, we found a goose with her ducklings who was happy to strike a couple of pose as we shot away.

Jessica and Mario were up for everything we asked them to do. From laying on a bed of grass to the extreme such as climbing onto rocks and jumping onto rocks in between a lake just to get to a certain nice spot. Jessica and Mario had a great chemistry with each other as their passion for one another can be seen in their smiles and expression throughout the shoot.

Jessica and Mario, we want to shout out a “Thank You!” to you two. We had a splendid time photographing the two of you and we hope that the two will revisit the Park and San Francisco again. Don’t forget to check out all the venues like the California Academy of Science and the Japanese Tea Garden. The two of you are amazing and fun to work with – we had an awesome time! We cannot wait to capture your wedding next month!!


First off, they revamp the garden area between the De Young Museum and California Academy of Science with three beautiful water fountains. Jessica noticed the mother ducklings across from Stow Lake.

The mother duckling did not mind we were around.


Check out the awesome waterfall at Stow Lake. So beautiful!!

Jessica’s smile while Mario kisses her on the cheek is so romantic.





Goofing off

Jessica and Mario are on the mobile phones all the time, so we had to get a shot using it. Don’t forget to Save the day!

P.S. San Francisco has the best Mango ice cream around at Mitchell’s. Screaming for an ice cream or an Icee would be perfect this sunny day!

P.P.S. We visited the California Academy of Science two years ago!

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We met Jennifer and Ryan through a friend. We found out their common interest included swimming, water sports, but we couldn’t quite figure out how to work that into the shot. We did find out that Jennifer and Ryan met at the same high school in Mountain View and both graduated going to UC Berkeley. The engagement session was shot there. It was a blistering unseasonal warm day in Berkeley. Wilson was sweating bullets taking the shots. Lelan enjoyed using the Berkeley campus to tie into the engagement shoot. We both had a blast mingle meeting them and shooting some great pictures. Thanks to Jennifer and Ryan for their quick school tour of historical landmarks. Please enjoy the pictures!

Cuddle shot at Sproul Hall
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 1

Embracing at Sather Gate
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 2

The “Mary Poppins” building
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 3

Off camera skillz!
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 4

We love the arrangement of how this set of shots turned out.
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 5

Giggling like kids
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 6

Motion shot at a square
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 7

The famous UC Berkeley Clock Tower
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 8

Did we say this Jennifer and Ryan loved to laugh and giggle all day long?
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 9

Reflections are awesome!
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 10

We discovered they never really went to the library too often, but this shot came out real cool!
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 11

Chilaxing in front of the greens at the University Library
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 12

Our favorite shot of the day! Sunflare!!
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 13

More sunflare!
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 14

Jennifer’s ring on a lovely purple flower
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 15

Having a blast!
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 16

We LOLed everytime seeing this picture! doh!
Jennifer and Ryan E-session - 17

We had a great time meeting and enjoying the time with the both of you. We hope to shoot with you in the future and all your lifetime shots.

Jennifer & Ryan Teaser

May 14, 2009

Shot at UC Berkeley on a unseasonal warm May day. More to come soon! Enjoy this teaser.

Jennifer & Ryan Teaser