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{December 31, 2010}

Greetings! A long time has passed since our last official “blog” post, but if you have been following us on Facebook and Flickr you’ll know that we haven’t lost our love for photography.

We recently traveled to Beijing and Shanghai in China for a 10 day vacation during the Thanksgiving break.

China is beautiful, rich in tradition and customs.   In the last two decades, the country have become more democratic and opened up to Western culture.

It was our first time visit to both of these cities. Even though our stay was short, we have some beautiful memories to share with everyone. Enjoy!

Lelan and I at Tian’anmen Square with the Forbidden City in the background.


Beautiful Architecture line the building’s roofBeijingShanghai2010-112410-021

Inside the Forbidden City, the moat inside the city has 5 bridges for people to travel over.BeijingShanghai2010-112410-047

Lelan catching a break from all the walking.BeijingShanghai2010-112410-076

Every main door had these lion heads as doorknobs


This was the view inside a temple. Mind you, this was all handmade and hand drawn work .BeijingShanghai2010-112410-112

We headed to the Summer Palace, a place where the emporor and empress would spend the summer at. These boats were nonoperational this season, but made for a great symmetric shot.BeijingShanghai2010-112410-135

Shot at the long corridor towards the back of the Summer Palace.BeijingShanghai2010-112410-143

This building housed a 4 star restaurant, but we never had the chance to go there.BeijingShanghai2010-112410-147

Next stop was the Great Wall of China. Here you’ll see the top of one of the towers. Notice the snake of people on the right most and left most side of the wall. (that’s where the guard rails are hehe). The steps were steep and worse of all, uneven.BeijingShanghai2010-112510-003

We caught a break inside the top tower to do this shot. All natural light.BeijingShanghai2010-112510-035

Wilson at the end of the long trip. Boy was he glad to get on top!BeijingShanghai2010-112510-041

Sacred Way. A tranquil place for those who have passed.


Yong He Gong Temple. More beautiful buildings.


Temple-goers pray with burned insence for health, good luck, and prosperity. I bet this temple will be packed during Chinese New Year.


We saw the sun rising above the roof guardians and this is what it turned out to be.BeijingShanghai2010-Day3-07

Insense burning away.


A glimpse to a back alley street of the old China. Called an HuTong, this is what life was before the civilization.


Pandas items being sold at the Beijing Zoo gift store. A lot of Pandas.BeijingShanghai2010-Day4-002

A real life panda chomping on bamboo. They said that a Panda eats 12lbs of bamboo everyday! It’s so fluffy!


Lelan at the Beijing ZooBeijingShanghai2010-Day4-006

Inside the Water Cube at Olympic Park. They were setting up for some Plaroler show. Incredible architecture. Very modern.


Outside the Water Cube. The membrane of the water molecule.


Night Market at Wanfujing. They sell and cook all sorts of crazy things.BeijingShanghai2010-Day4-021

At DaDong, this master chef was cutting a Peking Duck with a butter knife. The skin was crispy and the meat was soft and succulent. So good!BeijingShanghai2010-Day4-025

At FangBang ZhongLu, a tourists’ favorite beverage can be found mix in with old school Chinese heritage.


The buildings lead themselves into photographs taken like this one.BeijingShanghai2010-Day6-08

Inside a building, shops line the tourist’s eye and wallet.


We waited about 30 minutes for this delicious Shanghai Dumplings. They were that good and nothing in America could compare to them.BeijingShanghai2010-Day6-16

A pond filled a bounty full of koi fishes. BeijingShanghai2010-Day6-19

Though our visit was short and sweet, we will tour China again. Who knows, in another 10 years, the place that we thought we knew would have changed.

<3 Wilson and Lelan

P.S. More blog posts to come! I promise.

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