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{April 3, 2010}

Hello Everyone,

When we are not taking photos at events, engagements, and weddings, we like to engage in fun-filled adventurous activities.

Lelan surprised me a few weekends ago with a trip to iFly SF Bay in Union City, CA about 40 minutes away from San Francisco. We went to experience human body flight in a vertical wind tunnel that assimilated indoor skydiving. When I saw this iFly building, and heard Lelan’s bright laughter, a surge of excitement spilled out of me, knowing that this was no doubt going to be a very exciting and an adrenaline adventure!

iFly SF Bay
31310 Alvarado-Niles Rd.
Union City, CA 94587

What is iFly, some may ask?

Did you ever wondered or wanted to skydive, but couldn’t muster the courage to it?

Well, iFly SF is the answer to that.

iFly is not a roller coaster where you’re locked in for a fixed car ride and feeling free fall at certain points of the ride.  It’s a place where you get to ride wind and feel free fall the whole time while you’re in mid-air. You get to be flexible in the wind and you can fly up as high as 35 feet in the air and drop down to feel zero gravity.  It’s safer and I think it offers much more than sky diving. There was 4 huge wind turbines enclosed indoors blowing gusts of wind up to 150mph vertically. The wind was very powerful and we got to experience on different wind speeds from  98+mph to 120+ mph.

I was shaking with both excitement and a bit of nervousness, after I got suit up with a jump suit, goggle, helmet, and seeing Lelan already stoked up. We had a couple of briefing sessions, before and during our flight by our trainer (he’s like Peter Pan, as you’ll see why in our vid). My butterflies quickly disappeared after we both flew.

Lelan created this awesome video of us flying! Please enjoy our vid! The music is by Gigi D’Agostino called “L’amour toujours” (I’ll fly with you).

Now you know why we call him Peter Pan?

The instructor, the staff, and the entire experience at iFlySF was such a blast, we still think of flying even when walking on ground. This place gave us a lifetime of an experience which we hope to have shared with you. Fly with us!

Wilson & Lelan

P.S. We love to cook too!

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