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Who does wish they were was more time in a day to do things? When it comes to planning a wedding, a birthday party, an event or even as simple as running errands, we all can relate to this topic.

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Depending on how you look at it, there are 24 hours in a day, 1440 minutes in a day or 86400 seconds in a day. But the question remains, how do you spend out the day?

I found several ways to become productive for any occasion; and I hope that you guys would agree with the same. I’ve tailored this to weddings and engagements, but this can be expanded to other occasions as well. As you can see from a couple of engagement shoots in San Francisco and UC Berkeley, we plan for ample time in case unexpected things happen. Our clients are happier, which makes us happier, which in turn our pictures turn out happier. ^_^

  • Make a list – As simple as writing down the tasks you have to do on paper makes us prioritize our tasks. For weddings: Write down all that you want to have happen in a wedding, organize them into groups and work on the task . We will be providing a rough timeline for wedding events in the very near future.
  • Attendance –  Life will throw lemons at us all the time. Whether that be important people like Make Up Artists or Florist to be late during a wedding, why not ask them to come early instead? It’s definitely worth any trouble, especially on your wedding date.  This same idea is reinforced when we were elementary school: Being on time is the equivalent of sitting at your desk before the teacher starts the day.
  • Do what’s more important first – That gives you more motivation in the beginning to do things right and it will carry you through the day. If you have to have pictures with the family first and that’s what you value most, definitely have your family members gather together and get the pictures done first!

These are just a few things to consider for brides to consider. Anyone else have ideas on how to trim time and stress away from the important day?

PS. -Oh!  One last tip  Brides. On your wedding day – don’t bring a watch.

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