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San Francisco.. and beyond!

October 11, 2009

First off, I love love love anything Pixar! Especially Toy Story! One of my friends from college invited us to his campus to watch Ice Age 3 (a non Pixar) movie, ironically. We had the chance to tour the campus and stumbled upon these famous characters. Does these two items look familiar to you?


I'm larger than life!

I’m not a native to San Francisco at all (Lelan is a native San Franciscian) but growing up in the Bay Area allowed me to enjoy the hundreds of benefits of living in a melting pot of America: Good food, good people, beautiful weather, accessible transportation, technology!!. You name it, the Bay Area has got it!

San Francisco Hilton

San Francisco Hilton

Following his Coffee Tour, I had the chance to meet up with the one and only Lawrence Chan again of Tofurious fame along with many, many photographers in one of the best place to live. We talked photography, the internet over some delicious egg tarts from Golden Gate Bakery in Chinatown and refreshments provided by the Hilton in San Francisco (Thanks @bullysaurus for picking them up)


Tofu + Egg Tarts = BLISS!!

I can’t wait to work with some of these photographers in the future so I’ll start mouthing off some of them now and some that I want to work with in the near future even if they aren’t from around here. They are all truly wonderful people and we hope our creative juices will mix one day to create an breathtaking cocktail~!

Lawrence Chan – The one and only that needs no introduction
Marin Kristine – One of my new photog friends who specializes in boudoir and engagements and weddings
The Memory Journalists – Well established business which I hope to shoot with someday
Adeline and Grace – They shoot both coasts of the United States
Rebeca Wilkowski Photography – San Francisco based photographer
Jessie Cho Photography – An up and coming photographer in the east bay
Dave Shilling Photography – Sacramento based photographer
Jules Wiegand – One day our paths will cross and hope to shoot with Jules


PS. – I’ve waited an hour once for the egg tarts! YES. It’s that good!
P.P.S – Anyone can guess what the light and a ball are famous for?

From our last teaser from Grace’s and Kevin’s Wedding held in the scenic and beautiful Bethel Church nearby Santana Row and Valley Fair Mall, Bethel Church is easily accessible from the many freeways surrounding it.

We are super excited to share the rest of the blog pictures with you guys. Grace, Kevin, Kyle, Brittney, Gabrielle and Michael were dressed their best and we all definitely had a lot of fun taking their candid moments and the ones with tears. We had a lot of fun at the wedding and cannot wait for the second session we have with the family in November! Did we mention that it was super nice outside and the sun was shining like the moon at night?

We shot with the 85mm f/1.8 and the 18-50mm f/2.8 to cover most of the range. Both lens are dramatically different in terms of use, but we took advantage of the strengths of their own. Cheers to Stanley helping with the videography.

Without further ado, enjoy these pictures!

Bethel Church of San Jose

1201 S Winchester Blvd
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 246-6790


I just LOVE this candid shot of Grace getting ready for her big moment!

First looks down the aisle!

Family together with the children.

Details are beautiful

This picture is the many reasons we love to be photographers! The Priest in the background. Just Kevin and Grace looking at each other in the eye!

Unwrapping the sands that will bond the two together

Com’on Kevin!!

First kiss as husband and wife! So sweet!

This is our favorite “moment” shot of the day. Another candid moment of Grace hugging Brittney.

Kevin embracing Michael as Grace dries her tears!

It’s portrait time! We thought the black and white brought out more of the classic nostalgic feeling.

A classic family portrait…

…followed by a classic goofy portrait

Kyle mentioned that he played football so the first thing that hit my mind was “huddle!” . This is our first huddle shot – I was shooting on the ground looking up!

Behind the scene shot thanks to Lelan of me shooting the shot above.

Boy! Did the girls jump high! Look at the air that Grace, Brittney and Gabrille have! Apparently the guys missed the memo 🙂

We had a blast being apart of their wedding and hope to have even more fun the next time we meet again later on this year! Congratulations to the two of you!

~Wilson & Lelan

PS. We both love to travel. LA or Seattle anyone?

Hello folks!

We are currently wrapping up pictures from Grace and Kevin’s wedding, and you’ll find them on our site before the night ends. In the meantime, we are currently running a contest for our faithful Twitter followers. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

What is Twitter? – A microblogging site much like Blogging, but updates are restricted to only 140 characters.

Twitter allows you to connect and follow some famous celebrities, people and is simply an awesome tool to network with fellow brides! A few of our favorites include Lance Armstrong, Alicia Keys, and many many more.


We are giving away a pair (2) unlimited ride passes to the awesome Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California. Imagine getting away for one day and screaming down the Big Dipper, or enjoying some funnel cakes and sun.

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Back to finishing the pictures! ^_^


P.S. Keep Santa Cruz weird!