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Elliott Yamin from American Idol fame dropped by the Yahoo! ( otherwise known as Y! ) Sunnyvale Campus for some serious tunes. You may remember him as a runner up from American Idol in 2006, but despite his result on the show, Elliott Yamin has seriously has vocal cords that is second to none. You have to listen to his heavenly voice and tunes to fully appreciate his talent.

More pictures can be found here:

elliott-yamin-1 elliott-yamin-18 elliott-yamin-23 elliott-yamin-3 elliott-yamin-27 elliott-yamin-15 elliott-yamin-9 elliott-yamin-12 elliott-yamin-29 elliott-yamin-41 elliott-yamin-43 elliott-yamin-38

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PS. Singing the song “Wait for you” in my head while I wrote this blog post