Maker Faire 2009 Event Photography | San Mateo Fairgrounds

{June 13, 2009}

Lelan and I went to the annual Maker Faire at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in San Mateo, California. If you never went to one, you HAVE TO GO! It was filled with tons of “Do It Yourself” booths, big and small vendors and even hobbyists who like to share their innovations with other people. There were plenty of opportunities to take pictures, shoot videos and be an outside observer photographing all the little trinkets and booths that people have. If you have any kind of interests in arts, science, and crafts, this was the expo for you! It was great to see so many enthusiastic people at the Maker Faire and also the creativity and energy everyone had for green energy!

Enjoy the pictures and we look forward to our next event

Maker Faire - 1 Maker Faire - 9 Maker Faire - 8 Maker Faire - 7 Maker Faire - 6 Maker Faire - 5 Maker Faire - 4 Maker Faire - 2 Maker Faire - 3

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