Ghirardelli Square Engagement Photography | Pauch & William

{April 20, 2009}

Ghirardelli Square is an ideal and awesome venue to shoot both engagement and wedding photography! Easily accessible via many cable cars, Ghirardelli Square also has plenty of parking for your big wedding date or whatever the occassion. Not only is Ghirardelli, the world renowned famous chocolatier, that we can buy in the local supermarket, but Ghirardelli is famous for their awesome fudge sundae and wine tasting pairing! Although it was almost too cold to eat ice cream, we did have some great hot chocolate after the shoot ended. It’s a San Francisco treat!

We originally met Pauch and William through a friend at work. They have been looking for an engagement shoot to be done, but never had the chance to. Along came us!

We met Pauch and William at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. During the consultation, they had mentioned that they met around Pier 39, FIsherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. But little did we know when we got there and met, they said they met at McCormick’s  and Kuleto’s at the Square. Pauch pointed out in the window where they sat and met!

They are an awesome couple and were very easy to work with. Everything that we told them to do, they did without hesitation!  You can see the magic between the two.

We followed some “serious” shoots with casual attire since it was a sunny sunny day and we wanted some beach shots. By the time we reached the pier, it was WINDY! But William kept Pauch warm with his machoness! <Macho Man, Randy Savage voice> (Ohhh yeah!).

It was great shooting with Pauch and William and we hope to shoot with them again in the near future!

Ghirardelli Square
900 North Point Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

We found this balcony overlooking the main plaza at the square. There were many onlookers, but Pauch and William did not mind.
Pauch&William E-session - 1

Hot pose!
Pauch&William E-session - 2

Where Pauch and William first met. (over dessert)
Pauch&William E-session - 3

William and Pauch in motion.

Pauch and William xtra collage

We found this great place near the square to shoot on the beach. Even though it was San Francisco, it wasn’t foggy at all!
Pauch&William E-session - 4

Great chemistry between the two. We were laughing and giggling like little children.
Pauch&William E-session - 5

They love to treasure hunt and brought a cool LED lantern with them as a prop!
Pauch&William E-session - 6

Timeless, but incredibly windy!
Pauch&William E-session - 7

Did we mention they love to show emotion?
Pauch&William E-session -8

Sun flare!
Pauch&William E-session - 9

We thought we were shooting with models, so Lee planned a shot to give them that “look”.
Pauch&William E-session - 10

William loves green things. His favorite character is the Hulk, he has a green colored car. So we thought it was fitting to have a super hero pose thrown into the mix.
Pauch&William E-session - 11

Our favorite shot of the day. It was incredibily windy out on the pier and we had the William embrace Pauch.
Pauch&William E-session - 12

~Wilson and Lelan
P.S. The hot chocolate tasted so good, especially when we were outside in the cold. Brrrrr!
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Pauch and Will: What a tease LOL jk We love the pics! You guys did such a great job... we should call you guys the One-Two Punch :P

Samuel: Great pictures! I just don't know about that guy in the green. Congrat to the both of you!

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Madelynn Kenoly: Cool, Wilson!

ajira: Love this shoot! Well done!

Wilson: Thanks Ajira! Really appreciate it!

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