California Academy of Science

{March 2, 2009}

Lelan and I went to the California Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park last week to check things out. The landscape and architecture inside and outside the new multi-million dollar facility is truly state of the art. Not only is it a substaintial growing and living place, but you can really tell that everything was thought out for the future.

If you haven’t went there yet, you should plan to spend a good day there! We got there early in the morning and didn’t finish the museum until they closed at 5pm. That’s how great it was.

For now enjoy the pictures!


The lusious landscape inside the rainforest dome

The courtyard, with solar panels and connect-X style ceiling above.

Animals within the sphere’s habitat. The sphere had numerous exhibits displaying different part of the region that carries these animals. Such as Madagascar, Tahiti, and other region of the rain forest. Here’s just a few shot.

Atop the living roof, where you find flowers and grass growing on top of the museum.

The UFO looking lights are stimulating sea life and reef creation !!


A single orchid growing in the lust rainforest (say that 3 times fast!)

It was freaking humid in the rainforest. Look at the steam!

Those red petri dishes are what the butterflies flock to for food. Kinda like what we humans do when we see food.

See the iguana?

Bird living within the sphere.

Reminder to all you folks going to a rainforest or a museum to NOT wear anything that insects would attract to… like a shirt with floral arrangements. The lady on the right had a good time with the butterfly that wouldn’t fly away after a couple attempts to brush it off. =)

The Teletubbies would be proud of this architecture achievement.

The reflective 3-D glasses is irresistable to take a picture of myself. These are glasses used for the 3-D Bug show. The show was awesome and something you don’t want to miss out when you’re at this museum.

Seemed like everyone ignored the fossil of the T-Rex …

For this fenced show case, they explicitily had a sign that said “NO PICTURES”. No flash or AF light assisted. But look what I captured without any flash. Love the look of the girl on the left! Woah…WTH.. it’s REAL!

The huge rectangular structure inside the rainforest, is an elevator that brings you down to the aquarium located underneath the sphere. Nice design and idea of a tour.

The pathway loops around the globe until you hit the elevator above.

Deep sea divers cleaning up things in the morning. Very brave of them to swim around sharks and baby sting rays.

Moon Jellifish. Not as orange as the ones in Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The Steinheart Aquarium enjoyed by many spectators. I loved how they incorporate the aquarium like a theatrical setting. Sort of like a amphitheatre except you are entertained by live fishes swimming in front of you while you sit on nice comfortable curved benches.

Those UFO lights from below!

The ceilings reminds me of Connect-X, the game you play to connect sticks together to form a structure.

Viewing the dome from the outside.

At the Bugs 3D show. Their 3D glasses were just waiting for a reflection shot

People writing solutions and messages about global warming

Pendulum that proves Earth rotates.

Art deco chairs

Purple hue glow from the Planeterium. The screen had 6+ projectors in HD filling up the giant wall.

I could only imagined how difficult it must of been to connect all of these metal rods when they constructed this food court.

Funny Shots.

Craving for Sushi???

This is the world’s biggest flower. It tasted me and I guess I was left alive!! ahaha…

Being a kid, imagining within the sphere.

This Polar Ice exhibit was an interactive game where you had to move your body to display your shadow in the screen room to save a Polar Bear from the melting ice. You can get a great body work out waving your arms and jumping around to block the sun rays when it hit the foating ice.

Ta’ Ta’ for now. It was fun at the Academy of Science. =)

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