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Last Sunday, Jon Bauer and Steven Rose decided to host the first Model Workshop since they are MM geniuses! There was a small group of 5 of us and with the lovely assistance of Jessica Farwell being the model, we all learned a bunch about shooting models and the in and outs photoshop.

A great workshop to say, a bunch of pictures taken by fellow photog, but below are a few of my favs.

Jessica working it “Wonder Woman” style

Posing right with lights on the left

Jeremy working with Jon (with the cap) and Steve (in red) and Jessica

Great industrial hallway with controllable light

This was the first time Lelan and I went to see the New Year parade as photographers and not just spectators. The streets were packed, the sky was clear and finally NO RAIN!! Rain or shine, this parade still ran!

Lelan and I camped out near a nice spot on the street to shoot the scene. Thank goodness for the monopods though. It definitely came in handy for the low light situation we were dealt with. Without a doubt, we will be going next year and hopefully we can be selected to get to be dedicated photographers for the event!

This is rated one of the top 10 parades in the world and one of the few parades that ran at night. You can find more information about it here:

For now, enjoy the pictures! Mahalo!

Classic Chinese instruments played by performers. From left to right: Guqin, Banhu and Pipa

Teenagers preparing for the show

Kids smiling for the crowd with their gitd sticks

Fanfare kids playing with strings

The colors on the floats and costumes were amazing.

Riding on the OX for good luck!

Nothing says parade like a marching band! Here, a performer plays the trumpet

Kids waving to the crowd. Too bad they were on the McDonald’s float. Don’t brainwash them!

The. Most. Genuine. Smile. Ever.

Chinese dolls exciting the crowd!

Love the coordination and symmetry here from the Tai Chi performers

Colors rule!

Waving the flag of the Kung Fu performers

Choi sun – Fortune God float brings everyone wealth and prosperity.

Former Miss Chinatown queens

Tim’s sister is on the float! Hi Tiffany!

2009 Miss Chinatown

One of many dragons during the parade

Chinese drummers making noise!

San Francisco Lesbian Gay Freedom Band performing

Cows giving high fives to everyone!

Do you Kung Fu?

Firecrackers to end the night